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Google Advertising (Google Ads) Google Advertising (Google Ads)

Want to be all the way at top of Google for your target keywords? Well the good news is you can get there, with a little help from our friend Google Ads. We can create a Google Ad campaign for you and have it live in days, bringing quality traffic to your websites. And the best bit? You only pay when someone clicks through to your website.

Compelling Ad Content

When creating digital ads, every character counts. Within a very limited space, you need to say the send the right message through words, images, and calls to action. Making ads that truly speak to the target audience does wonders for click-through and goal completions.

Pages built
for conversions

Once people click on your ad, the landing page that they arrive on needs to be compelling enough to convert. If you can successfully engage your audience, you’ll get a significant number of leads. This is where user planning and user experience comes in. A well designed, intuitive landing page delivers a better experience to visitors than an unorganised, incoherent one.

Advertising with Google Ads

Our team at Bravo Digital Marketing will work with your every step of the way to ensure that your business is achieving the online recognition it deserves. We will assist with increasing your visibility online, driving the right traffic to your website, engaging with your customers and maximising your return on investment. We can help with:

– Keyword research
– Creating Google Ads campaigns
– Creating engaging headlines and adcopy
– Creating and optimising landing pages
– Managing budgets

Google Ads Management

We don’t adhere to the “set and forget it” philosophy when it comes to Google Ads campaigns. We continuously optimise your paid search campaigns to deliver the best possible customers and return on investment. Our team continuously tracks the effectiveness of each PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible.


Budgets: We can run on-going campaigns or once off campaigns (if you have an event or sale you would like to promote). We don’t lock into any long term retainers when it comes to Google Ads, if you are low on cash-flow one month we can simply pause and resume. Most of our clients run campaigns month-on-month, we recommend always keeping some baseline ads running to get the best possible results.

Maximise your return on investment

Advertising platforms like Google Ads allow us to tie money spent on advertising to a sale, a booking, a lead, or a phone call. Determining how to maximise your return on ad spend (ROAS) requires a significant amount of research and preparation. Here at Bravo Digital Marketing, we get to know your brand so we can understand your goals and historical performance to find the channels, searchers, and messaging that will deliver results.

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Bravo is a digital marketing agency specialising in website development, paid advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing and all things that involve getting you online – and killing it.

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